Ep. 101. Decalogul după Hess, lectura Alexandru Cazan

Motto: „Singura mea vină e că am pierdut. În rest – rien, je ne regrette rien.””

Decalogul după Hess” – monodramă de Alina Nelega în lectura actorului Alexandru Cazan.

„Prin intermediul acestei monodrame agil construite, Alina Nelega incearca sa patrunda in mintea lui Rudolf Hess, umbra lui Hitler, motorul din spatele masinariei infernale, cel care, umilit simtindu-se de faptul ca Germania a fost ingenunchiata in primul razboi mondial, isi doreste cu ardoare sa ii rascumpere onorea pierduta. (…) Autoarea orchestreaza cu finete simtamintele captivului (Hess fost capturat in 1941 si a stat timp de 47 de ani in inchisoare ) alcatuind o simfonie a groazei din sentimentele contradictorii care il macina pe Hess, batranul si decrepitul in ceasurile dinaintea sinuciderii… ” – Mircea Sorin Rusu despre piesa de teatru pe site-ul Editurii Liternet. 

(Fire) Embers (Ash)

Textul a fost inspirat de viața reală a primilor piloți voluntari din rândul femeilor în Rusia războiului al II lea mondial cunoscute și devenite legendare sub numele de ” Vrăjitoarele nopții”. E vorba de „a-46 gardă a nopții intitulată „Taman”, de bombardiere din regimentul 588 al aviației sovietice. Formată la inițiativa maiorului Marina Raskova care se bucura de îngăduința și sprijinul lui Stalin această patrulă a nopții a funcționat între 1943 până în 1945.

ascultați aici: https://www.fireembersash.com/listen-now (durata 57 de minute)

Piesa de teatru radiofonic care este în limba engleză e scrisă inspirat, atrage și creează empatie vis-a vis de acele femei și evenimente, iar ca sunet se aude de invidiat, cu efecte inteligente dovadă a profesionalismului celor din studioul The Soundhouse Ltd din Londra cu toate că înregistrările au fost create în regim online conectând vibrația actorilor de pe două continente în timp de pandemie.

Dar motivul real al acestei postări, dincolo de sărbătorirea într-o zi atât de specială cum este cea de azi – 8 martie– a curajului și umanismului unor femei aflate într-un moment teribil de greu al istoriei, ni-l dezvăluie interpretarea rolului Marinei Raskova– „mama vrăjitoarelor”- de către actrița de origine română Elena Harding pe care o felicit din toată inima pentru această frumoasă realizare! La mulți ani!

 Written and Directed by Hailey Mashburn

(In order of appearance)

Natalya Meklin…………………………………………………………Yvonne Maxwell

Marina Raskova..…………………………………………………………Elena Harding

Lydia Litvyak….………………………………………………………….Lydia Cashman

Yevgeniya Rudneva..…………………………………………………Rachelle Diedericks

Nadezhda Popova..……………………………..…………………………Rhonwen Cash


Sound Design & Mixing by Jack Garrett

Remote Sound Engineering by Shane O’Byrne at The Soundhouse Ltd

Cast & Characters:

Yvonne Maxwell
YVONNE MAXWELL (Natalya Meklin) Yvonne is a northern actor and writer, currently based in the south of England. She trained in acting at the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts. She recently workshopped a new musical, My Mental Breakdown and will be joining the cast on tour in 2021 (all being well!). Her writing debut, Noodles for Breakfast premiered as part of Six Plays One Day at the Tristan Bates Theatre in 2020 to 4 star reviews.Twitter : @yvonnemaxwell95 IG : @yvonnemaxwell95Spotlight : 1899-1202-1876
Natalya Meklin
Natalya Meklin, born in Ukraine, joined the 46th Taman Guards Night Bomber Aviation Regiment, one of the three all-female air regiments in the Soviet Union during WWII, in 1942. At the time, she was only 19. By the time the war finished, Meklin had flown over 900 missions on behalf of the Soviet Union. She went on to join the Union of Soviet Writers, and received many awards for her service, including Hero of the Soviet Union.
Elena Harding
ELENA HARDING (Marina Raskova) Elena is a European actress based in London. She started her acting career in television in Romania. Her stage credits include ‘Awaken’ by Cheryl Prince (Park Theatre), ‘The Silk of 1,000 Spiders’, an Icon Theatre production and ‘Aliens with Extraordinary Skills’ by Saviana Stanescu (Leicester Square Theatre). Her first radio project she did was when at 19, she won a poetry competition and was invited to read it for the National radio station, Romania Cultural. Many things have happened since then. More recently, her passion for languages and literature has made her think that perhaps she could write her owns stories. Currently working on her first script, she is about to find out if she actually can.Twitter : @elharding1IG : @elenaharding1Spotlight : 6657-8971-9102YouTube : Actress Elena Harding
Marina Raskova
MARINA RASKOVA Growing up in a musical family, Raskova started her life training to be an opera singer. However, the trailblazing leader of female military recruitment was no stranger to aviation by the time she established the first three all-female combat regiments in the military. She had previously reached celebrity status as a record-breaking pilot and navigator after becoming the first female navigator in the Soviet Air Force, the first female to teach at the Zhukovskii Air Academy, and (alongside two female crew mates) one of the first women to receive the Hero of the Soviet Union.
Lydia Cashman
LYDIA CASHMAN (Lydia Litvyak) Lydia is an actor who works across stage and screen. She loves to work on projects which highlight real women’s achievements and untold stories, so was honoured to work on (Fire) Embers (Ash) as the incredible Litvyak. Her recent theatre credits include Debris by Dennis Kelly, Boris Rex by Charlie Dupré, the UK premier of Your Molotov Kisses by Gustavo Ott & Women Beware Women directed by Alexandra Spencer-Jones with Action To The Word. When not performing she loves to paint and drink wine, though she avoids doing this at the same time as it’s easy to dip the brush in the wrong glass…Twitter: @lydiacashmanIG : @littleonecashman Spotlight : 9177-8975-3914
Lydia Litvyak
LYDIA LITVYAK Litvyak was arguably one of the most well-known Night Witches – a fighter pilot from Moscow who pursued aviation through flying clubs and the military from the age of 14 before joining the all-female 586th Fighter Regiment. Litvyak went down in history as the first female to be recognized as a fighter ace, and is still credited with the highest number of kills by a female fighter pilot, with over 12 solo victories alone. She has been awarded, among other accolades, Hero of the Soviet Union, Order of Lenin, and Order of the Red Star.
Rachelle Diedericks
RACHELLE DIEDERICKS (Yevgeniya Rudneva) 2017 Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts Graduate London Based Actor & Voice ActorActing Credits Include:
Voice of Hermione Granger for Back To Hogwarts 2020 with The Wizarding World 2019-2020 Cast of Harry Potter & The Cursed Child
2017-2019 Original Cast of The Band MusicalSpotlight : 7414-9080-9711
Yevgeniya Rudneva
YEVGENIYA RUDNEVA Born in Ukraine, Rudneva spent most of her life aiming to be an astronomer. She studied at both Moscow State University and then Navigator School, at which point she went directly to the front lines to aid the Soviet Union. Her knowledge as an astronomer became one of the 46th Taman Guards Night Bomber Regiment’s greatest assets, and as Chief Navigator she used it to their advantage. She received several awards for her heroic contributions to the war effort, including the Hero of the Soviet Union title and the Order of the Red Star.
Rhonwen Cash
RHONWEN CASH (Nadezhda Popova) Rhonwen graduated from LIPA in 2016, where she received the Joan Plowright Award for Acting (Ensemble). She represented LIPA in the 2016 BBC Carleton Hobbs Bursary Award for radio, though (Fire) Embers (Ash) is her first professional venture in radio drama. In 2019/20 she travelled Germany, performing 3 plays in rep for White Horse Theatre, and previous to that spent summer performing as Titania in A Midsummer Night’s Dream and Audrey/Le Beau in As You Like it to packed audiences at the Cambridge Shakespeare Festival. Having seen the piece grow and develop as an audience member from its first stage production in 2015, it’s been an honour for her to play a part in its journey, and to tell the stories of such incredible women.Twitter: @rhonwencash
Instagram: @rhonicash
Spotlight: 9615-5645-3334

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